Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Return of Scholar Season

Can you believe another month has slipped by.  Another month of days.   This past month has been one of simple contemplation.  Of pulling ourselves in.  A return to "Scholar Season."  When the weather cools, our family natural seems to return to the study with in doors.  And you can imagine that with Colorado weather the need for study comes and goes.  Perhaps it does that anyhow!

The days have cooled down and the leaves are crispy in the trees.  Many have changed colors and it has drawn us in.  I think lately I have just decided to say, "No" to most everything.  Even this week as a cold bug is inviting itself in between the family members, I cancelled everything.  Lets just stay home and drink in the simpleness of home.  We are keeping to ourselves and there are moments when the bickering begins that I regret that choice until you hear that book on CD put on and a pile of kids playing while listening, the big sibling making a bowl of something for a younger, or the endless parade of, "Mom, I wonder why...".  And we breathe.  I breathe a moment of simpleness.  It reminds me to be grateful for all that we have.

::  to embrace what we know to be the correct path for our family.
:: Little boys eager to take feed corn off the cob.
:: Kids learning to cook and then waking up to breakfast in bed.
:: the first fire in the fireplace for the fall.  Seasonal family traditions are so special.
:: The smells of stock bubbling on the stove that reminds me it is soup weather.  Welcome back!

See you soon.

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