Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer Bucket List # 12- Go To the Colorado Renaissance Festival

(The kids were knighted to the realm)

(We had a great time with Gandma L. and Cousin E.)

(Celtic Legacy)

 (Little Boys with Big dreams)


Twig The Fairy!!

(From Left to Right: Prince Edward, Queen Anne, King Henry, Princess Elizabeth)

The Colorado Renaissance Festival has got to be the event we look forward to most every year.  I don't think we could miss a year.  The  kids just wouldn't allow it.  This year we were able to take Grandma L. and cousin E. with us to the wonderful realm of Larkspurshire.   The day is kind of a blur now as we were all very tired going into the day after having finished a week long Cub Scout Day Camp in 90 degree plus weather. It was kids get in free weekend and it was loads of fun.

To start of our day we met up with our favorite person at the Renaissance Festival.... TWIG THE FAIRY!!!  Oh the fairies.  All my kids enjoy seeking them out and getting little fairy tokens.  Shhhh.... Miss C. is getting her new book for her birthday!!! We enjoy seeking them out, meeting new ones and of course connecting with our favorites.

  And just to give you a little advice if you can only see ONE show at the Renaissance Festival... It should absolutely, positively be Celtic Legacy.  I love their modernization of drums, bagpipes and guitar.  That and I think that next year should definitely be the year that I buy my Prince Charming a Kilt!  He even has the Scottish ancestry to be legit!  I need to make a Kilt Savings Jar and some shoes to go with it... Can you imagine Prince Charming in a kilt and tennis shoes with his white tube socks???  Yeah, I don't think so.  Speaking of Princes... Prince Edward is still a hottie... Miss C.... leaned over to me and said she thought he was cute!  She can't be that big yet, can she?
Anyhow... if you get a chance... you should go.  And if you have kids... rush past the Washing Well Wenches... fast... and perhaps some of the pirates and Puke and Snot.  But otherwise... it is loads of fun and an excellent opportunity to buy from handmade artisans and get into a character of your own. 

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