Sunday, May 20, 2012

Miller Farms, Platteville, CO

 We took a field trip with our homeschool group this last Friday.  We did a spring planting field trip to Miller Farms in Platteville, CO. There are a ton of pictures for you to look through.  We had a great time.  This farm is about 45 minutes North East of the Denver Metro area.  But it is worth it for a day of fun and bringing home some local grown food as well.  While Miller farms isn't certified Organic (very cost prohibitive to do), they do farm with organic practices. It is a pick it yourself farm so you get a hands on experience. Anyhow enjoy all the pictures.

 Have you ever wondered what it looks like in the inside of Tow Mater? We found out!  Its old and rusty just like the outside.

 Lightening McQueen

 The Sheriff.


 When you get to CR 19 to go to the farm.  Look for the Giant rooster!

 Follow the yellow brick road.

 Climb Giant sand hills.

 Or a mountain of hay.

 Ride on a course with wheeled cars

 And yes... go and harvest some veggies.  That day we collected radishes and three different types of lettuce.  You won't believe how many radishes we came home with.  At least the lettuces and greens from the radishes that were more than we needed could go to the chickens.

 Capturing frogs.

 And meet some farm animals too.  Goats
 A cow.

 A friendly horse.

 They even have some alien ships.
 Old planes.

Like I said... if you have kids... its a whole day affair. And a bushel full of vegetables as well.  We may try to go again in July when there is a full harvest and perhaps again in the fall for their fall harvest.

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