Sunday, April 8, 2012

Beyond: The Legoland Discovery Center, Grapvine, TX

The Legoland Discovery Center in Grapevine, TX is in the Kid genre of indoor play and party spaces. Kind of like Jumpstreet or Monkey Bizness here in CO only Legos.. So no, not Legoland, but an indoor party place that is a pool of legos, lego themed rides (ok... only two rides), a 4-D Lego theater... you get wet in that one, build your own lego race cars and a mini lego city to admire and ponder the construction of them.
The background of this Lego city even had fireworks at times.
Mr. S was in his main element. Such dedication and concentration in building his lego race cars. He loved sporting up to the race ramp and letting his take flight next to others.

Replicas of Texas Baseball stadium and Football stadium.

Mr. S loved the Lego train.
The legos came in many sizes.

Where you race your lego car.

Build a structure then similate and earthquake and see if it still stands.

You can build most anything out of legos... if you have enough. And the amount of legos here makes you feel like you could build anything. Mr. J remarked that he wanted to live here and all that it needed was a bedroom. (It had the movie theater, restaurant- with $5 hotdogs and not a water fountain in site, so "be prepared!" by bringing your own snacks. What is nice is that unlike some other indoor play places, you can stay ALL-DAY!!! And you can get a stamp, leave, go somewhere more economical for food and come back. That, in of itself, makes this worth the cost to go in, unlike Jumpstreet here and you get about 2 hours for about the same cost. I was mentioning to Prince Charming, that I wish we could buy into the chain and perhaps put it into the Southlands Mall, near here. But it isn't in the cards...

You can see by her smile, this place was a hit!

A family our size can't fit into this ride, so there goes my boys, off to save the Lego Princess from who knows what. It was fun and we did it, over and over. It was one of two rides available there.

Did I mention the pools of legos to play with? It was my boys' dream come true.


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