Saturday, April 7, 2012

In The Beyond: Lake Mineral Wells State Park, Mineral Wells, TX

If you haven't guessed by now, we went to Texas. While we were there visiting family, but we went on several mini adventures while on our big outing for the year. The first one was Mineral Wells State Park. This place is a gem. Unfortunately we didn't get to do any hiking as most of them where closed due to rain. Bummer... We will hopefully get a chance to explore them more next time.
We enjoyed sitting in the shade (as it was much warmer there than we had acclimated to in Colorado. The vegetation was lush and in some places... very spiky (cacti). We had a quick lesson on rattle snakes. We sat, enjoyed an outdoor picnic and just admired the nature around.

We all just needed time to be out in nature. I can see why school study is best done (at least in our home) in the winter time. We are just in need of some serious outdoor time. Just a few more weeks till we get finished with what we need to for the year and then... some serious nature freedom.

The opportunity to see what is under a interesting rock.
Admire the cacti... from a distance, of course.

This state park isn't named after a lake for no reason. It had a small swim beach to which we were ill prepared for. But we are washable.

Time to dig, experience, and feel the grit of sand in your toes... and elsewhere, I imagine.

A helicopter nearby... Thrown in just for fun. It was a good day

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