Friday, October 12, 2012

The Month of August or was it September?

homemade donuts

The Raingutter Regatta

Fall Harvest at Miller Farms

The months of August and September flew by like a flash. In looking back at the pictures it all seems like a blur.  Especially the month of September.  Come to think of it, I think we went to Miller Farms on Sept 7th and that is partly why the month of September feels like a blur. I had back to back serious scout campout weekends and all the canning that needed to be done from that harvest from Miller farms.  The pumpkins are still waiting to be canned from there.  Good thing Pumpkins can wait... awhile... till I can get to them.

Under the homemade donuts pictures is the annual Raingutter Regatta.  Blow a boat along a rain gutter.  The boys had a great time.
There's at least a little sneak peak of the last two months... there's more. 

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