Ok so this link below has it to where you can find places to visit in nature. Within 75 miles around Denver there were roughly130. Of which, during 2009 our family visited 43. Our Family's resolution is to make it to all of them, though I am not setting a timeline on it. Check it out, see all the places near you!

Our Nature School/Adventure Bag
1. The Adventure bag (one for each of us, mom included)
Nature Journal
Set of Color Pencils and a sharpener
Sun Hat
Rain Poncho
Water bottle
Measuring tape
Specimen Containers (I have been repurposing Altoid Containers for these, though we could use some that are a ltittle larger)
Sun Glasses
Explorer Vest- We put patches and pins from places we go to on it! Kind of Like Scouts.
Kids Camera

And the above plus (in mom's sack):
Natural Bug Repellent
Natural Sun Block
Additional Snacks
Field guides and helps now located on my Kindle Fire!

IN addition to having materials available to study and record nature, I would also like a good book to use as reading time during a break on our nature outing. Currently in the Nature Bags is... The Blue Fairy Book.