Thursday, August 2, 2012

Girl Scout Aquarium Overnighter

If you thought the Girl Scouts were having fun this last week camping, they had loads of fun earlier this month at a Sleepover at the Denver Downtown Aquarium.  For this post I will just tell you about the overnight aspect of it. I will do more on the next visit.  I guess I forgot to post about it when we went in Feb earlier this year.  The Cost was $50 per person.  It is times like this when I especially enjoy being a Girl Scout Leader.

 Included in the cost of the overnight was getting to feed the stingrays... Way Awesome!  The girls loved it.

 Museum admission... of course.

Before bedtime little class, snack and a craft.  We made Soap Jelly Fish, learned about Predators.  Got to touch a Tiger Pelt, Baleen from a whale, shark's teeth, and a Mermaid's Purse (look it up! It was so cool!)

 Of course there was the sleep over part of it.  Our Troop was given the Sunken Tomb area to sleep in.  We did a little glamping with quilts! (Love Snuggling up with my Grandma-made quilt.)

 The rest of the evening was spent looking at the fish in a similated moon-light, while encouraging the girls to get a good night's rest.

 Which is hard to do with so much action. (Sorry for the little star-fish sticker. I always try to get parental permission from my scouts before I plaster their face on the www.)

 And right above my head, resting on the glass the curved above us, a turtle slept.

And sharks and fish swam over head.  We fell asleep to the gentle sounds of water.  Occasionally during the night, I woke and marveled.  They were moments of mindfulness that we so peaceful as my full conscience focused on the simple movement of rippling water overhead.  Quite frankly I could have used more time in that state.  It was... magical... to be a little corny.  But there it is... a magical night.

We awoke way to early, given how late we stayed up trying to soak the experience all in.  To a little behind the scenes tour of the aquarium.  We fed the trout, watched the Tiger do a little feeding and exercise routine.  The breakfast... well it was like cafeteria food.  Which was odd cause we were eating in their fine dining room.  Cold eggs are never tasty.  All in all, I thought it was well worth the cost.  It also included a t-shirt and at the end, they gave each of the girls a free pass to come back.  So yes...very worth it!  The Girl Scout's brothers are saving to go now too!

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