Monday, November 12, 2012

Tahosa Scout Ranch for Woodbadge in Sept and Oct

In Sept and October I experienced many firsts and learned many things about being a good leader with in the BSA's Scouting program through their Wood Badge training.  If you are a scout leader and haven't done this... it is totally worth it and just like they said I would, I wish I had done it years earlier.

I was so busy and so tired when I wasn't so busy that I didn't take hardly any pictures!  So this is what you get of Tahosa High Adventure Base this fall. 

I wish I had taken time to photograph more. But it was my first time sleeping alone in a tent.  I couldn't recall when I had ever slept by myself camping.  I learned a lot about cold weather camping too.  Though it was only at the beginning of cold weather camping.  I got a chuckle at how my husbands gets to go with our oldest to the Klondike this next year.  So glad I get to miss out on that.

I made a special effort to take a few moments there to just sit mindfully and take in the beauty around me. 

It isn't often that this mama gets to venture off into nature with out all the kids with me and it was a unique experience.
I would encourage you to not only take time to take the kids with you but perhaps... go out on an adventure just yourselves.

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