Monday, July 2, 2012

Highlights from Cub Scout Day Camp

 Scouts J and Scout Cousin E

Boy Scout A on Staff this year

Cub Scout Day Camp 2012- Frontier Days! (6/25/12-  6/29/12) I am still tired three days later!  That is just how jam packed fun it was.  I had to limit the pictures to my scouts, to keep scout rules, but here is the run down.... [Deep Breath]

BB Guns
Table Tennis
First Aid
Leather working
Rope Suspension Bridge
Indian Lore
Paper Stick Ponies and Races- Mine was named "Ralph"
I introduced my scouts to my mommy
Knot tying
Cow Roping (with wooden cows, of course.  Can you imagine???)
What do you do if you fall out of a boat?
Homemade ice cream
Build a model size paddle boat and then race it.
Target shooting with rubberband guns
Lots and lots of Walking
Frisbee and football during down time (How on Earth can they keep moving in this heat!!!)
Creative lunches
Eating Giant marshmallows

That's just to name a few....

But everyday those boys came home, ate Popsicle and played in the sprinkler and a variety of other things and camped the entire week out in the back yard in a tent.  They kept getting up earlier and earlier every day. I suspect that that was because Cousin E is a very early bird, because it is after 8 am now and they are all still asleep. And they need that rest, cause we were all so tired by Sunday we barely made it to church.
"Happy Trails Day Camp."  We still have two more camps this month and we need our rest before we hit those.  I have a feeling that Girl Scout Camp is going to be exhausting too.

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