Sunday, May 6, 2012

The City of Denver and the US Mint

 Here is some views of the City of Denver Building.  The kids and I enjoyed talking about the origins of many of our governments architecture in walking around this building and also what some of the people who work in their do.

 The Denver Mint was a lot of fun.  Sorry you can see how much fun because they won't let any cameras inside. The best part of the tour was the guide.  He was very animated and full of great stories.  We learned lots of information about the history of money,  this bureau within the government and also some history of Denver. We took this tour with the Virtual Academy and it was free.  You can go here to sign up for it. You can also take a virtual tour.

 Outside of the Denver mint.

This intriguing building is part of the the Denver Art Museum. But that my friends is another adventure.

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