Monday, May 7, 2012

Boy Scouts at the Great Sand Dunes

Mr. A and his Boy Scout Troop went on a campout to the Great Sand Dunes National Monument  On Friday (5/4) and Saturday (5/5).  It was his first campout in Boy Scouts now that he has left Cub Scouts. He says his favorite part of it was climbing up the sand dunes.

 The brought sleds to go sand sledding. 

 Let's just say there is sand EVERYWHERE!


 Here is that photo.  One of the two he took himself and is so proud of. But can you see it? The young man he is becoming.  Turning 11 has been a bit monumental.  He losing the boyhood aspects and entering into that tween stage. Pretty well I might say.

 Love the shadow shot!
 And here is his other one.  They wore goggles to keep the sand out of their eyes when it was windy and while sledding.

His Patrol was in charge of one of the meals. I heard the meals where pretty good.

The moon has been particularly bright in the last few days. S
What a unique picture above is...Was that from within a car?

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