Saturday, May 5, 2012

Exploring Local Business: Tiger Den Go See It

 Mr. J's Tiger  Den went to the Paradise Bakery last month for their Tiger Scout Go See It.  They had a great time looking in the kitchen and walk in fridge.  You will have to excuse the small number of pictures. I was trying to only put the ones without the other scouts in it as there are some scout rules about that sort of stuff.  One of our favorite ways to explore the community around us is to get together as a group and take a tour of a local business.  Paradise Bakery and Cafe was kind enough to open up for us in the evening when they were closed so the boys and some siblings could come in for a quick tour.  It was maybe 10 minutes long but the cookie decorating was the highlight. 

 Decorating the Cookies was the best part.

Get a load of the amount of frosting on that cookie.

What are some ways you gather as a group and explore places near you?

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