Sunday, April 29, 2012

Library Tour: The Smokey Hill Library- Free Civil War Class

 The local library system is a die hard favorite for most homeschooling families. And for many traditional schooling families too.  The one nearest to us offered a Civil War Class and family Book Club. We read Shades of Grey.  It was a great read for us and the class was a nice change of pace for us. This little even was at the Smokey Hill Branch of the Arapahoe Library District.
 We tried Hard Tack, Lemon Snaps and had some chocolate.

 They had a bunch of civil war books available for checkout.
 We got to see some reproduction uniform buttons and see which state they came from.

 See and hold real Civil War Bullets and learn how they were made.

We played Checkers and talked about what soldiers did as a pastime.

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