Sunday, April 29, 2012

Colorado Rockies Vs The NY Mets

Friday Night (April 27, 2012) Our family headed out for a baseball game.  And boy were the Colorado Rockies on fire that night.  I especially enjoyed  the seventh inning stretch when we got to sing the "Take Me out to the Ball Game" song.  That as one of those priceless moments to share with my kids.  We were particularly adventurous that night in taking the light rail with a large pack full peanuts and a ton of snacks.  e ere also treated with a cool April breeze hitting us nearly 40 degrees.  The kids just wouldn't believe us when we said to bring jackets and and dress warmly.  We managed ok, mommy packed a blanket and insisted on those coats.   But back to the Rockies.  We were treated with several really awesome innings.  One where the Rockies scored 11 runs in one inning!  Eating that NY Mets!  And another inning where they scored 5. Four of those came from a Grand Slam!  What a treat for us!
Let's just say that this is one memory that we will cherish for years to come.

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