Saturday, April 28, 2012

Taking our Schooling to Nature

 What's a family to do when you have all this standardized testing to be done.  Well... this homeschooling family to the test with us and found a quiet place up on Lookout Mountain just outside the Denver Metro Area.  We didn't go to Buffalo Bills Grave or the Lookout Mountain Nature Center.  But as we alternated kids doing some of their testing, they had time to just be.  To sit and admire the world around.  I am not sure that it made testing any easier though.
 Miss C. was feeling very much in the pioneer spirit.  I am sad that she won't get to wear this much longer.

Taking time to just be in a nature is like a good medicine for this family. It helps heal the pains of everyday life and puts life into perspective. Nature... is nuturing.

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