Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In The Beyond: Ft. Richardson State Park, Jacksboro, TX Part I


Our trip to Ft. Richardson State Park in Texas was a blast. We got to tour several buildings and so I will have to break down each into smaller parts.
Up first is the Nature Center and the Officer's Quarters.

The nature center there was a small cabin jammed paced with preserved and taxedermied nature items
The kids could basically handle everything and get a view of what all kinds of nature could be found nearby. The bugs... were especially large and GROSS.

Our family has a soft spot for owls. It is sort of our family animal for nature school. We have a stuffed toy one that goes on all our campouts. Sort of like a state bird... a family bird.

The Officer's Quarters was in a nice house; it was sparingly furnished and decorated but there were some nice things for us to consider and examine.

The Crocodile rug was definitely something that caught our eye.

Uhm... yeah... we weren't prepared for that to be in the closet.

You guessed it.. Miss C loved the dolls. No idea why they would be in the Officer's Quarters.
I could enjoy a good meal here.

A US Congressional Medal of Honor. Mr. A had been taking a class on those (though more specifically the Vietnam War Recipients, so it was nice to see one in person.

The writing desk. Mr. A too a particular liking to this. He so loves to write in his own journal and was wanting a little writing desk set up like that. I had seen one at a craft show in CA in November. I think I see a perfect gift idea for him. They call them lap desks. Here's one on Etsy.
Oh... I guess I am including some from the little museum at the front. The kids enjoyed trying on the hats and imagining themselves as soldiers
I think Miss C. would love a pretty outfit from any era in history.

Here is the initial building.

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