Monday, April 9, 2012

Beyond: The National Vietnam War Museum, Weatherford, TX

I think if we could have done only one thing extra (besides visit family) in Texas, this was the place. Perhaps because of its importance to my Grandfather, who fought in this war, but even more so was the experience. Our visit to the National Vietnam War Museum was a highlight for many reasons, Ok...maybe more for me as I think the kids might say that the Lego Discovery Center was a bigger hit for them. I think it hit home more so for my two oldest kids. Walking along seeing the list of names... the many names. The 58,260 names... This is a smaller sized replica of the Vietnam War Memorial Wall.
The day was thankfully, on the cooler side which lended to the ability to take our time here. It is beautifully set up in a way that gives the visitor plenty of time for reflection and mindfulness.
The path along. Some mementos lovingly placed. My boys... walking ahead, mesmerized by the magnitude of it all. A mother hesitantly going forward, wondering... will one of them be called to make such a sacrifice.....?
The highlight for the kids... is climbing on real military vehicles. The museum wasn't really up and running, so we didn't really get to get into the take, not sure if that is allowed anyhow.

The meditation gardens with a spiral path. The abundant flowers in Mineral Wells was a wonderful treat while we were there. Above the Texas Blue Bonnets

Mr. S' New pose. He's a funny little guy you know.

This plaque (there were others) was donated by my Grandfather's Army Association. I find a deep gratitude for this association as they have given so much to my grandparents. The Plane drawings were done by my grandfather and he was instrumental in its placement here.
Told ya... Getting to climb into the truck was COOL.

"Lest we forget..."

Yup, that's my girl with a (unloaded) gun. What comes from not blogging these right away, is that I forget what kind of gun it is. Sorry.

The inside portion is a work in process. They have grand plans (check it out here). They say the Museum will feature, "The museum will tell the unbiased story of the more than 5 million servicemen and servicewomen who served there; the civilian contractors who supported their efforts; the Vietnamese people, their culture and history; and those on the home front, both those who supported and those who protested the war."
Uhm.... he looks a little too comfortable with that... Kind of like when he met his local hero, a US Marshall. And he let them hold the guns at scouts too!
The small museum that is currently there had many artifacts to look at. Perhaps those are on the other camera.

There was this other visitor... who's hobby was this bus. He may have had others, but this bus... was cool and highly coveted by my four kids. They were ready to ditch the minivan right then and there and if it wasn't for the cost of gas, I would have agreed. We so need an adventure mobile.
A double-decker with a storage area in the back and storage underneath.
Oh.. the places we could go in that!
The man was kind enough to let the kids explore it. They spent the rest of the day deep in the creative imagining of life on the road in that bus.

We give this Museum, 2 thumbs up and eagerly look forward to seeing their future expansions and we hope it will have lots of things to be interactive with it.

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