Friday, April 20, 2012

Ft. Richardson State Park Part II- The Hospital.

Our next stop at Ft. Richardson State Park was the Army Hospital. It was by far the favorite of all their buildings. I could have spent a whole lot more time there asking questions and just examining all the items. I really appreciated how they tried to make things look as if it was in use and that the let us handle most of the items.
Even things like this urinal/bedpan!

Washing clothes the hard way...
Or pretend that we were housekeepers ironing linens fresh.

The civil war style uniforms.

The Dr.'s office was filled with unique specimens for inspection.

Imagining all the paperwork that a Dr. Must do and Mr. A was wishing for a desk like this to do his school work on at home.

The Mess hall was staged with pretend food. We appreciated him letting us cross the barrier line to get an up close look. Things like this is one of the advantages of being a homeschooler and coming during non-peak hours and being the only ones there. We either get lots of one on one attention or are just free to explore as we choose.
The pictures of the kitchen didn't come out to well, but I think I will let you know that in the evening when meals were done... it became the room where autopsies were done. I will never look at that butcher knife the same again.

The Apothecary was my favorite part of the hospital. I loved the jars... you know how much I love jars.

The room with all the beds... This historical site was so into the reproduction of this hospital they even stained the bed sheets to LOOK like blood and other stains...

Ladies and Gentlemen, the original composting toliet. And you thought it was just the really "green" people who thought that up! I would sure hate to be the housekeeping assigned to that. It makes me thankful for outhouses. Ok... I will admit.... for modern plumbing!

And of course... the bath. I would like to just have one of these to put some garden plants in.

Let's pretend... we are injured soldiers. Someone please nurse us back to health.

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