Monday, April 30, 2012

The Scout Show!

Saturday (4/28/12) was a Scout day like no other.  The annual Denver Area Council's Scout Show has got to be my favorite scout event of the year!  Let's just say that it is like scouts on Steroids! It is so big you can't even do it in one day.  My Tiger Cub earned nearly three beltloops: Geology, Hiking, and Map and Compass.  They did obstacle course, started fires with steel and flint, fished for trout, handled swords, donned on swat team gear, learned about preparedness in many aspects of life, walked on cans, helped with Eagle Scout Projects, folded flags for US Soldiers, collected patches, admired some highly decorated Eagles Scouts and danced Native American dances. I don't think that list even scratched the surface for what we did or could have done.  Lets just say it was one awesome day!

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