Friday, February 24, 2012

Coors Field, LODO, Denver, CO

Today's adventure took us on a tour with our virtual academy at Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies Baseball Team.
We had a great time, getting to see many parts of Coors Field and learning about the team and its history.

Up in the Media Room. The room set aside for the journalist. The room above us is for the TV Cameras and TV Media.
Its fun to sit and pretend you are a sports reporter for some amazing Newspaper.
My Youngest was in a spunky, ask a ton of questions, and lead the way sort of mood today. The tour guide had him lead the whole group and push the buttons for the elevator. It made him feel pretty awesome.

Gift for being in the world series in 2007.
The home plate from one of the world series games in 2007. I hope they make it again.

Looking down at home plate from the mile-high nose bleed sections.

More memorabilia .

View of the bleachers with the vintage remake of an old time score. We learned that there are a lot of remakes found all over Coors Field to give people a by gone baseball experience. Also little glimpses of the Colorado history that field is located in. I must shyly admit that I had no idea what Lodo meant. After nearly 13 years of living here in Colorado, you would think I would have figured it out at some point. Perhaps that is the downside of living in the yuppy suburbs and not having what is considered to be a traditional night life. So I never make my way down town for socializing and thus, I thought Lodo was a name of a city, likely north of Denver towards Boulder. Don't laugh! For those of you outside this Rockin' state, Lodo, is shot for Lower Downtown Denver. In the historical part of Denver. (blush)
Now that we all know where LODO is and what it stands for, Coors field was built in 1995 (I think) in the third year of the franchise's history (after playing in the old Mile High Stadium- which is now torn down and the new Sport's Authority Field at Mile High and formerly known as Investco Fields at Mile High). I thought it was interesting that those giant stands were moveable to accommodate a change from the oval form of the stadium for football to a shape more suited to baseball. But that is history. Even though this field was built in 1995, it is now the third oldest baseball field in the country. I thought that was amazing... everyone else has built new ones except Chicago and one other.

A vintage inspired score board that is in addition to the giant score board that everyone can see.

And here is the giant score board.

The home team's dugout from the view of the visitor's dugout we were visiting.

The visitor's locker room. It has enough locker cubbies for each team member to have two.

The visitor side's batting cage. The tour guide said that the Rockies have two instead of the one that is attached to their locker room.

A wall of honor. Each player that has been on the American All Star team gets a star.

Getting a look over the field for the first time. The kids were really excited and had a great time.

Getting to hang out in a real MLB Dugout (the visitor's one).
After being the tour guide's right hand man, official button pusher and the running, leader of the pack... he just tuckered out on the way home. Always a sign of a good outing.
We had a great time and it was only $6 each for us to go on the tour. The big boys are already planning on a visit on a game night. They are hoping for opening game night of April 9th. A large flag across the field and members of each branch of the military with a fly over and fire works. I need to scout that out.

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