Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Littleton Historical Museum

Coming the the Littleton Historical Museum is one of our favorite places in the Denver Metro Area. You will probably see posts on it several times and we always learn something new when we come here. This last Friday's outing we learned that the 1890's farm has a double seater outhouse... how fancy! I know I keep saying this... but soon... you should start seeing more here in the space. Soon... it will come alive again. Spring is here and nature schooling is beckoning us. I already feel those Rocky Mountains calling me. The kids are reminicing about some of our yearly favorite spots. "When are we going up Mt. Evans? When are we going to the Lair O' the Bear... When Mama, when?" And my answer keeps on being soon. Soon... my little ones soon. With them being so efficient getting their schooling done lately... perhaps soon is very soon. Colorado has been so sunny and warm that we are quietly being lulled into spring, but we must not forget that that March and April snow is common here.... a blizzard may be around the corner.
I always love these ginormous flower sculpture at the entrance of the museum. They are very whimsical.
This time we kept ourselves to the 1890's farm side. Unfortunately the black smith shop was closed.
Mr. J was particularly fascinated with the "scar" on this tree and its thick coating of sap.

The 1890's farm house.

Blacksmith tools
A vintage Clothes wringer.
I love this antique wood stove.
They had to check out the outhouse. I have never seen a double seater one before! Maybe the farmer and his wife are on the same "schedule."
I love the wallpaper. And on top of the piano a basket made of birch bark. I love baskets.
I love this barn too. It is very roomy. Man do I almost wish I had a farm.... until I think about all the work it entails. I think I just love the idea of it.

The boat strapped to the ceiling in the barn.

A well worn milk stool.

Mr. S, admiring the little stove out in the wood shed/garden and tool shed.

Milk containers and big bins.

What's a farm without a fat cat? This one likes to sneak into the museum part too!
The garden in winter. I will try and get back this summer to take a picture of the garden in full force. It is a beautiful one.

The wagon.

Inside the museum has to be my kid's favorite place. There they can pretend to be an old fashion News paper.
Or have a home of their own, with a kitchen. Not pictured that day was the wagon and Indian pull. Don't worry... we will be there again.

The wood pile and back door to the 1890's farm house. As you can see... this day we did not make it to the 1860's farm house and the old school house... but like I said... we WILL be back here... again and again for years to come. I think I will be a little sad when the kids outgrow this place. I think when they are grown and gone I would want to volunteer here. Wouldn't that be fun?

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