Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Adventures at Home... Baby Chicks!

I am sorry that this blog has been quite neglected lately. Though I have plans for the near future for it, but here is a snippet of our latest adventure... We have grown by twelve. Twelve lovely little chicks.
The Girls had their first Photo Shoot and yes... I am sure they will have more.

I am not at all saying that this trio is evil, quite the contrary, they are as sweet as can be. Besides, one isn't a Harry Potter Death Eater any how, but these three sisters are named after three sisters in Harry Potter (The Deathly Hallows), Yes... We are Potterheads in this house. In no particular order, is Bellatrix, Dromeda, and Narcissa, All sisters in the series, though Dromeda is a member of the Order of The Phoenix. If you don't know what I am talking about... read the books, you'll enjoy them and if not... there might be something wrong with you. lol Just kidding.

This caramel colored gal is Lyra ((Balacqua)From the Golden Compass).

This one does not like to be alone. We call her Bathilda (Bagshot). Bathilda is such a lovely name for a chicken. (Yes... another Harry Potter name)
Another Set of Triplets: these three are near a head taller than the rest of their brood-mates. The middle one is Diana. Diana is the tallest one. The one on the Left is Anne and the one on the right is Lady Cordelia Fitzgerald. (names from Anne of Green Gables).

Doolittle (so named after a former cat of ours) is the most unique of this little flock. You can see her two little stripes on the picture above.

The Grey Sisters.... The Grey Lady and Ashes. Though I can't really tell them apart. I suppose the black spot on Ashes' nose shall be her distinguishing attribute. (The Gray Lady- The Ghost of Ravenclaw Tower- Another Harry Potter name- We do read other books, I promise.)

Here is Odie- so named because we had a black and white cat named so. Though we have pondered a more feminine version of it in Odette or Odelia. But I am thinking it will stick as Odie, thought I can see her being a cantankerous gal and we might just call her Aunt Odie, sort of reminiscent of some family names of mine. Grandma Billie, Aunt Tonk and the likes.

There you go... These are our Girls and we are adoring them so much. It will be hard to part with them when they join our friends flock, but I think this is Carla's way to get us to come over often. We love her for helping us experience this and we look forward to brown, white and maybe a green egg in about 9 months.
I will try and not be such a stranger here on this blog. Some great adventures are coming up!

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