Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Littleton Historical Museum, Littleton CO

It was a gloriously fall day today when we went to the Littleton Historical Museum. We are no strangers to this museum. It is always nice to visit a favorite. Every time we come there is something new that we learn. We appreciate the information we glean from the workers and historical rein-actors.

We always seem to learn something new when we come here.

It was a bit cool as a significant snow storm is making its way into the Denver Metro Area.

A view into the fall garden at the 1860's homestead.

The outhouse of the 1860's farm. Can you see the padlock on it? Out of Order, I guess.

We especially enjoyed the blacksmith located by the 1890's farm. We were greeted by metal laden pumpkin. A definitely steampunk pumpkin.
We learned that they date this blacksmith at 1903 because that is when it started using electricity.
You can see the electricity in use in the drill, the blower to make the flame hot and in the above picture. The ceiling of the blacksmith was strung with lights. Replicas of the Einstein Lightbulb. We adults were fascinated by the colorful wire within.
We learned that the blacksmith was named because, black is the color of the metal he works with and smith is the name used for metal works. So names like: Goldsmith, silversmith, coppersmith...etc...
The kids got to see a demonstration of how the heat up the metal so it is red hot and then bend and twist it.
Our blacksmith at work.

Look at how hot it is? I am sure working on a brisk day like today is much more comfortable than in the midst of summer.

The kids admired all the metal pieces out for display. We learned that at that time the metal came from back east on trains. And before trains on wagons from Indiana.

Inside the 1890s the Victorian woman's pantry. So many antiques that I admired. Especially the blue tinged mason jars and the cheese press. I love that my pantry is also filled with home canned jars too.

The little wood stove in the parlor.

The kitchen.
Perhaps the most favorite place for my kids is the kids area inside the museum's main building. A place to pretend that you are working for the Newspaper. With an area to assemble a newspaper.
Or the fulfillment of this little girl's dream of a kitchen and a home of her own.

Momma peaking into their make believe world.

A pretend drive on the prairie.

And after the adventure is through, making angels on the ground amongst the fall leaves.
If you haven't been there, you should drop on by.


  1. OH save me a spot...Im in Georgia so it will take me a minute to get there. I dream of being in Colorado.

  2. Oh how fun! I just love visiting places like this :) looks like you all had a great time!~