Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Plains Conservation Center, Aurora CO

October 22, 2011
It is days like this. Days when I get one child to myself. In photos like this I am forced to realize that he won't reach out to hold my hand as we walk for much longer. I love admiring our moment in our shadows. I am grateful for this moment.
Mr. A had a Scout Service Project at the Plains Conservation. They got to roll up their sleeves and tidy up the historic school house.
There were 3 Teepees to admire. He wished he could go camping in them.

The handmade brooms in the corner of the school room.

This boy of mine.

The glass water dispenser on the window ledge in the school house. I love the look of it.

Is this a metal lunch tin? So cute.

He was pleased to see the McGuffy Readers. Vintage ones unlike the reproduction ones we have at home.

Chalkboard, desks and a dunce hat on the stool in the corner.

A view into the homestead home.

A quick peak into bedroom.

Check out the sod lined walls. Layers upon layers of sod.

Chicken Coupe

My cub scout... only months away from entering into Boy Scouts. I admired how eager he was to serve that day. I hope that he never loses it.

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