Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Hudson Gardens

On Wednesday (after Mr. J lost his first tooth) we went on our first field trip with our new online school (Connections Academy) to the Hudson Gardens in Littleton, CO.

We enjoyed the visit overall. Though I would rather do it with out the school next time. We didn't enjoy being hurried and are generally used to taking things at our own pace. But that is what comes from doing things as a group and not just our own family. The kids thrive on our adventurous outings.

The highlight of the visit was the outdoor electric train display. And the boys could have stayed there all day and not tire of watching the two trains make their way around the track.

The chocolate garden. They had a strong sweet smell with a hint of chocolate.
The flowers were just gorgeous. Big, bold and beautiful.

Still some things left in their vegetable garden.

Interesting plants.

Stopping to smell the flowers. We spent time learning about the five sense through a packet the teachers from the school checked out from the Hudson Gardens.

We loved taking a notice of the changing leaves and colors.

Some of the pumpkins were huge!!!

We need to check out this place when the vegetable gardens are in full production.

The beehives....
This would be a nice leisurely place if you aren't hurried and on somebody else's agenda. We enjoyed picnicking and will need to go there again.

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