Thursday, September 15, 2011

Historic Parker Schoolhouse

Just south of us is the town of Parker, CO. I love this town. We barely live outside of it. It appears to have a stronger sense of community than many of the other parts of Suburban Denver.
The community built historic church next door to the school house. Can you imagine, coming together as a community to build something, anything, let alone a place for your family to worship. How much better would we appreciate things then? Now we watch others, build our community for us. A different concept.

above: what woman would use to get a permanent.... Doesn't look enjoyable at all.

Tuesday night, Mr. J had his first Tiger Cub Go See It. We went to the Historic Parker Schoolhouse. What was wonderful is that this building, while once a school house is now being used as a community center. There was dance classes across the hall to the classroom/mini museum. They sat in wooden bench desks as if in class. Their eyes got wide and big as the presenter talked about kids being hit with a switch when they did something bad. So not what kids today are used to. Especially when they are raised in a home that practices (strives at least) for the contrary.
Getting a glimpse at what things looked like in the past. They are looking at glass shaped bottles filled with tiny round candies. Too bad candy just isn't special like that anymore.
My proud, proud Tiger Cub Scout. He is so happy to FINALLY be a scout!
And that leaves me one little boy who is dying to join his big brothers in the brotherhood of scouting.

Sorry for the limited pictures, but there were a bunch of scouts around and I don't want to post their picts on the web w/p their parents permission.

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