Sunday, August 14, 2011

High on A Mountain Top- MT Evans- Year 3

Mt Evans- Year three. It goes without saying that this is on our yearly must do list. However this year didn't go as well as in years past. We all had at least a mild case of Altitude sickness. Perhaps we were not as hydrated in the start of our journey as we should have been. So, needless to say, we didn't stay long.

I never tire of seeing the mass amounts of green. It is even better in the forested areas of Washington State.

The views from up here are spectacular. The kids were no so interested in enjoying it this year as they usually are. They were tired and grumpy.

But with all the rain we got this summer the wild flowers were unusually plentiful. Perhaps next year, I should get some wildflower seeds and deposit them in a field near our home. It is a sad state of the budget when fresh flowers are now a rarity on our table and it is un-scout-able to pick them in a national area, not to mention against park rules. Gone are the days where kids are free to pick wild flowers at their leisure. So much of the open and free spaces are gone and what is left is protected.

Bristle Cone Pine Trees, Where at the tree line on the mountains they sacrifice one side (the side that takes the harsh winter winds) for the other side.

Scooting down the hill when walking down seems precarious.

Wondering what this plant is. I forgot to stop at the ranger station to ask.

The view down from the tree line.

Up at the top, the temperature was 40 degrees lower. And for some of the kids, the light jackets we brought didn't feel like enough, so he warmed himself in the sun on a rock.

Others wouldn't listen when I said to bring a coat and would trudge the mere 200 feet back to the car to get it.

A pond made by melted snow.

The kids HAD to touch the water and boy was it icy cold!

We saw mountain goats and marmots.

A quick get out of the car for a picture. We were cold and all had headaches- a symptom of altitude sickness.

I wish we hadn't felt so awful. It was sort of a drive up and then a drive down.

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