Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Cherry Creek Reservoir, Aurora CO- The Work of Play

Today we took our weekly day off to do something out of the ordinary. We joined some friends at Cherry Creek Reservoir and spent the day in the sun and sand. This reservoir is about 10 miles from home and is a Colorado State Park within the middle of our Metropolis. This is one thing I LOVE about Colorado and even the Denver Metro Area. We are just not lacking for natural areas within the metro area. How cool that tucked behind the Denver Tech Center is a refuge for the people. A place to swim, a place to camp, a place to hike. We have camped here a few times, but in a camping family like ours, it is considered wimpy camping and when we need to keep it close, it is a great place to take the Scouts. And in an economy such as this and having four kids, the $9 pass to get in is the cheapest I can take my kids swimming, aside from mooching off a friend who happens to have a pool in a HOA. Even better is the cost of a season pass, $63 here in CO and I can go to any state park in the state. And a continual place to swim. LOVE IT!

But today rather than seeking out the nature around we enjoyed just being in the out of doors and letting the work of play infuse the minds of my four. I had a hard time dragging them away after the hours of sun.

Using pails to fill and dump water.

Having a great time.

Digging, building, molding and watching the effects of dumping large quantity of water via the big green tub behind him.
Then doing it in a way a girl would want to when it doesn't work out with your brothers.

There is nothing like the beach to get your hands into the earth and get down and dirty with the water so near to cool and clean you off.

The collaboration of brothers.

Biggest brother hoping the youngers will listen.

A day to float and play your cares away. Let play do the work it does in the life of a child. I am so thankful that homeschooling is such that it leaves ample time for play in their lives. That if we do the way it should be done, their evenings and even afternoons are free to do the work of play.

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