Monday, December 7, 2009

Mueller State Park- Near Colorado Springs CO

August 2009
When we took our trip to Colorado Springs and stayed at the M's this last August, we evidently misplace a camera and I have been so behind in blogging, that I am just now getting up to speed. This was our outing to Mueller State Park. We took two of their boys and left Miss C to do some girly things.
I "do my best" to maintain Leave No Trace Ethics, but I am also quite a bit inspired by Waldorf principles and that of a mother with kids. THEY NEED TO CLIMB! These looked like sturdy enough rocks that a low amount of damage would be done.

We enjoyed looking at rocks up close and discussing the different elements that are in them.

It was also awesome to have daddy with us on some outings for a change. We so enjoy our outings and sometimes it is hard to go places with out him. I am sure he would rather adventure with us than work too! But somebody has to pay for all our fun!

A old log cabin that looks as if it has seen some fire. A rusty old bucket caught there attention.

Climbing and viewing the moss and other interesting things was a treasure.

Mr. J must habe been with me a lot cause I have lots of great pictures of him.
The M. boys enjoying the heights of the day too!

Examining decomposing material is right up this boy's alley.

Just loved having David there and Mr. S was just Daddy's boy for awhile. Nothing like the peaceful atmosphere of the woods to bring to men together.

I am KING of the World. I loved his look of Triumph at the top of nice pile of rocks. Mr. A.M. totally loved it! Yup had to leave that Leave No Trace Ethics a little behind. We just couldn't help ourselves.

Here is Mr. J.M. Hope his mother didn't find any in his pockets. Mr. A had taken a real liking to him and they seemed like boys of similar nature.

They would have loved tramping around in there. DANGER KEEP OUT! Even this tolerable mother has some limits.

Yup.... he was my side kick for the day!

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