Monday, December 7, 2009

Urban Farm At Stapleton near Aurora CO

Nov 24th, 2009- Urban Farm at Stapleton near Aurora CO
Mr. J's preschool when to the Urban Farm at Stapleton for a class field trip that ended their study on farms. Above is Piggly Wiggly, the 500 lb pig. Her hair was so bristally that it really surprised the kids. They didn't think pigs had hair let alone the texture it had.
A group picture at the end.

Got to love the sheep. Wish I could have some wool. The kids got to run around the pen with them. It was the only pen they were free to run in.
Tire swing horse and Mr. J.
Admiring the foot prints of a horse.

This is not an eating turkey. It is a decorative one. Who knew there was such a thing. Does it taste bad?

The play houses were also a big hit for the kids.

There is that "decorative" turkey strutting his stuff.
Miss C, admiring her shadow. It was a very muddy and icy field trip.
Can I get a cage at home? Isn't he cute? He kept saying, "Look at me, Mommy!" He is talking so much now!
Miss C now has ambitions to learn to ride a horse! If only money grew on trees so that they could experience all the things they wanted.

The little goats we so cute and the kids enjoyed getting to pet so many different types of animals.

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