Monday, December 7, 2009

Mt. Evans

Mt. Evans Sept 4 2009

I wrote a little about the Trip up Mt. Evans (The highest Paid Road in the Continental US) here. You absolutely have to do this someday. I can bet that we will be doing this again more than once next summer. Mt. Evans is West of the Denver Metro Area off of I-70. I think this trip was the highlight of our Nature School over the summer. At least it was for me.
The above picture is us looking down as we entered above the Tree line. I would have to say I have never been that high before.

The drive up was splendid. It was pretty warm in the Metro Area but the higher we traveled, the colder it got. We weren't exactly prepared for that.

On our way up I wanted to get some Pictures, but Mr. A was so freaked out by the height, that he wouldn't get out of the van. Which I thought was weird cause it wasn't like we were sky diving, we were on a paved road. To each his own I guess. The other kids LOVED it and I especially did too!

When we reached as high as we could get, the last five miles was closed. He got out and we viewed a area with a small lake that was filled with the melted run off of snow and yes it was frigid water!

The new thing that started this last summer with Nature School was throwing rocks into water and seeing their effect. Mr. J was the first to do it here.

The looks so small and vulnerable on this big mountain. I think they caught the awe and inspiration of the day.
Yup it was cold. The kids were sporting their new vests we got to start holding patches from our Nature School Adventures. Still need to get to sewing those on before our trip in March.

Snow still there from last winter.

A veiw down on some pools left by melted snow.

Another small pond.

You have to love his smile and excitement for the world. He really seems in his element out in nature. It does him good. He is so much more mellow in a place where there is limited restrictions on him. I can see why the book, "The Last Child in the Woods" likens nature to ritalin. Not that I think Mr.S is ADD or ADHD but he is so much easier to manage and peaceful there.

My beautiful girl. I adore her smile and character.

Driving up the road to near the top was breathtaking and we looked as if we were driving into the clouds.

Admiring the plant life found above the Treeline.

Isn't what the wind does to these trees amazing. And how they adapt to let the side facing the harshest elements die to let the other side live.

The love Miss C has developed for her younger brothers is very touching at times. She can be very motherly and kind. I hope they all develop the same attributes.

A close look at the moss.

He kept saying, "Its just wonderful!" or "Ih, juh wonful!"

See how the left side is barren and the foliage grows on the right. Sacrificing one side for the other.

Working on our Junior Ranger badges.

Rocks Mommy! You find them everywhere! You should see his pockets after a nature school trip.

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