Monday, December 7, 2009

Lair O' The Bear near Evergreen CO

Lair O' The Bear July 09

After Red Rocks we went with our Friends to Lair O' The Bear near Morrison, CO. Unfortunately they had to get back so we only had time to picnic and take a short walk. That is why we are going again this Friday. So we can get a real look at the place. It was so beautiful.

Beaver Dam.
This pose would have been so stinkin cute if it wasn't blurry! Darn it!
The kids were just every where. Poppin out of bushes and definately going off trail. How can you stop them though. It takes away from Nature Shool to follow that Leave No Trace Guidlines, but because of it the nature is better preserved.

I would have to say that those .79 cent measuring tapes from Michaels were money well spent. They are fishing lines, how long is this, ropes...etc... It is a definite Nature bag necessity.

Like I said, they were everywhere. In the trees too.
Getting water samples.
Dropping leaves and rocks from the side. "What happens when I do this?"

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