Monday, December 7, 2009

Garden of the Gods- Near Colorado Springs CO

SO we went to the Garden of The Gods West of Colorado Springs on both Day 2 and 4 of our trip. It is all getting lumped into one post. The first trip we met up with two families who came down from the Denver Metro Area for a Nature Study. They got their so late that we didn't have as much time as we would have liked. So we came again on the fourth day with the friends we were staying at. My two oldest and her three oldest all earned their Junior Ranger Badges from the Park.
Just beautiful isn't it.
I especially love this picture.
You are not supposed climb on the rocks. Thankfully, none of them are mine. It is so hard to follow those guidelines when in just being in nature and it just screams.... CLIMB ME! Seriously, it does. but the rocks are sedimentary and they crumble easily. So unless you have a rock climbing permit, it is a big NO NO!
When ever I look at Mr. J... "Oh, be still my heart." He is so much like his father. Sweet as can be and just so loving.

That's my little Firecracker. So sweet one minute and then Bang!!! I AM TWO!

I just love Shadow pictures. Mr. S will only hold your hand if you let him just hold your pinkie. It is the cutest thing.
Seriously... rock climbing is an inert desire for kids.

Mr S. loved the red dirt. "Looka mom! Dir (Dirt)!"
They are mighty used to the hiking trail after this summer of exploration. So much so that they often wander ahead, or behind. They have found a comfortable ease with nature.

I love his hat. He got it at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science during the Dinosaur exhibit. He calls it his "Ology" hat. If you want to be a Paleontologist... It works. and Archaeologists... still works. Just about any kind of ...ology. It works.
She sure can pose.

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