Monday, December 7, 2009

Red Rocks

Red Rocks/ Red Rocks Amphitheater and Rock Museum

We took a trip to Red Rocks, Again. But this time with some friends. Two women and 11 kids (plus one on the way...not me though). Mr. A loves this place especially. We did this excursion sometime in July. That is how behind in blogging I am.
Look at her! What a look on her face!
Observed the flowers. Have no idea what this one is.
In the Red Rocks museum they had an art display of Art influenced my music.
I forget whose cool guitar that was. This is what comes from blogging about it a month later!

She loves to pose, this is my friends... 6th child ??? She has 7 with one more on the way.
Miss C strummin the Big Guitar, while fashionable wearing her baby in a sling.
Mr. A and Friend J jamming together.
The Background is a picture of the first group to perform at Red Rocks.
Wonder what caught Mr. S's attention,
All eleven kids together.
Miss C and her mothering skills at their best. Her baby is Issy.

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