Monday, December 7, 2009

Idaho Springs, CO

Nature School.... Four Sites in one Day!

Ok, I will try and catch you up on LAST Week. I hurt my back, which is another, somewhat boring story, so we hadn't done much, but I toughed up and we got out last Wednesday. I had great ambitions of getting up to Mt. Evans, the highest point in the Continental US, but they were closed.... yes a WHOLE MOUNTAIN.... was closed. Maybe next week we will try again. So we stopped in Idaho springs to the Visitors Center/Gold and Silver Mining Museum. It was small, but a nice stop. The kids have been little miners digging up our back yard today, now nearly a week later.

So not much to tell, since I am now writing this a week later. I of course just realized that my camera died on this trip, so I bought a throw away camera and I still need to get to Walgreen's to get the disc of pictures. SO you will have to wait for the Lookout Mountain Nature Center, Boechetter Mansion, Nature Hike, Buffalo Bills and Red Rocks.... Yes, we finally made it to Red Rocks. Stay tuned. I am also going to work on posting a list of the 130 locations with in the 75 mile circumference of Denver so we can gage all the locations we visit. Stay tuned for that as well.

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