Monday, December 7, 2009

Nature Close to Home

Nature School- Near to home: Wednesday July 15

Near: This day will be broken into several posts. Our morning started off with Mr. J's Summer School Speech Therapy. We met with a new SP at Laredo Middle School. He will only have about four visits over the summer with her. Any how, since we were at a play ground there wasn't really a playground but there was a nice shady area near the Tennis Courts that the kids enjoyed exploring. And I while still trying to rest my back I laid down and looked at the view above.The view above. It made me wish I taken more time to look at the Cloud Study on The Cloud Appreciation Society. Never the less I appreciated them. I think this is one of the few photos that I took that morning, cause as soon as Mr. J was done with ST, he took over and quickly began to seek out what he had missed. So enjoy the photos from his perspective. As I look at them now, it is exciting to view what was interesting to him.

Oh, I took that one. The kids were so cute exploring the bleachers and racing back and forth on them on their hands and knees. Good use of their motor skills.
See what a nice shady area it is.

The base of the tree must have caught his attention, but in looking closer at this, I can't help but remember shots of the tree bases in the book Leave No Trace- And this is much like the photos taken of places that have a high volume of human visitors- I know it is a middle school, but instead of this being a sad photos, I view at a happy one if the middle schoolers make such good use out of a piece of nature within their school grounds.
He must of liked the grass and with all the rain, the grass is nice in the area lately. Softer and beautifully green.
Another tree base
Looking down on the bleachers I guess. I hope you enjoyed his perspective.

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