Wednesday, April 3, 2013

And then, all at once, it's spring.

Well... it is getting to be time to start thinking about our upcoming summer adventures.  So let me introduce you to our Theme for 2013 :The 2013 EPIC Summer Adventures.  The kids have been working a fair amount of time on the list.  You will see some repeats, many of the things that we didn't get to do and some new things we have collected over the summer.  So here we are in a mild Colorado winter.  It won't be long till there are buds on our Cottonwood tree in the backyard.  We have tomato plants at about 2 feet that we started from seeds awaiting just after Mother's day to make a full time home in the back yard.  Its getting a bit "planty" (yes, that's a new word Shakespeare) in the house with more seedlings under the grow light.
This year we will add to the blog our adventures in some Suburban Homesteading.  So stay tuned.  Its spring... and this blog is going to start waking soon. 

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