Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Aquarium Revisted

Just sharing a few pictures from our latest trip to the Denver Downtown Aquarium.  Another fun day just strolling and getting to know this place even more.  This particular time it inspired some entrepreneurial spirit in the kids My A. decided that he wanted to own and be the manager of an aquarium himself.  Mr. J is going to be the head chef at the aquarium's distinguished restaurant- oddly enough serving fine sea food and cakes. Miss C is decidely going to be the chief Marine Biologist while the youngest of the family is the head of security.  Even now, weeks later, there are drawings and sketches of exhibits and sample menus covering their display boards though Mr. S continues to walk around with legal authority over all the happenings.
It is fun to pretend.  To imagine creating a world and your own future just the way you want to.   Miss C. even included that her children would be awesomely (her words) home schooled at the aquarium much like the girl in the movie, A Dolphin Tale.  Yeah... that would be so cool.

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