Saturday, July 28, 2012

Scout Tutorial: Making Tin Foil Dinners/Summer Bucket List # 20

With every good camp out... their is camp food. We just got back from a Girl Scout Campout.  The boys came along as what else are they to do when their mom is a Girl Scout Leader.  Boy Scout A decided that he would do a Foil Dinner tutorial for you...  This just happens to be one of our Summer Bucket List Items.

So first... he laid out two sheets of foil going opposite directions.  One horizontal and one vertical. He then laid his meat... we often choose boneless meats for easy cooking.  For this one, it is chicken tenderloin.  We have done cube steak, fajita meat (with fajita veggies and seasonings). Use your imagination.  Only this time the camp kitchen was without any seasonings.  Though we did conjure up some honey mustard using our sandwich honey and yellow mustard... but even with out the basic salt and pepper it was good. We added some veggies.  In this case, we added baby carrots, potatoes and onion.

Pull the wrap together nice and tight...

Boy Scout A recommends that you scrunch the sides into handles for easy fire retrieval.  All this time we had been just wrapping them up.  But this little trick of his (he says he read it in Boy's Life) was quite handy and will be the standard wrap of the future for this family.
Well this is where it gets sketchy folks... We don't time it.  Just try and get your pieces uniform (veggies) and when it starts to smell good... cause your hungry after all that hiking and camping activities... pull it out and see if the meat is thoroughly cooked and the veggies are fork tender.  Though I don't mind my carrots being on the crunchy side.

When it's done, unwrap and enjoy.    We plop the whole foil package on a mess plate, eat it, throw the foil away and the plate is likely to be clean or easily washed.

What's your favorite camp food?

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