Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mourning and Living...

Please pardon my absence.  Things have been crazy busy and a little sobering.  We are deep into the throws of  Family Scout Camps and I just haven't had a moment to rest and ponder the mountain pictures in my camera.
Also, if you didn't know we live in Aurora, CO or Centennial, CO... our mail is never the same.  Our community is, at best, in deep mourning.  The conversations seem to be consumed by the events of the Theater Massacre.  Everyone is stunned.  My third child and I were out at Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch when we heard the news at morning flag ceremony.  Many of our pack, donned in yellow scout shirts citing our Aurora Location were approached, wondering just how close to home this hit us.  I have friends whose kids were there and no one in my circle of friends were even hurt.  The theater isn't the one we regularly go to, though we did when we lived on that side of town. In fact, we don't regularly go to the theater.  The cost of a family of 6 is huge. My kids are deeply concerned about the events and deeply worried about their safety in public arenas. Suffice it to say, it is a contemplative time.  One in which to continue to be grateful for all that we have.  So a lot of our spare time has been in deep conversation with the older kids.  Its on their minds a lot.  I enjoy the closeness it brings between us.  But most importantly, I share in the sentiments of the whole world... I feel for the families affected.  I pray for their recovery and healing whether it is the physical loss of a loved one, personal injury or the damage to their soul that comes from witnessing such atrocity.

Despite such disturbing interruptions... life is entitled to go on.  And despite the ache in our hearts that we carry, we honor those victims by living our life to the fullest as we tuck them in our thoughts and prayers... Its on odd state...  We mourn with them and live on with them in our hearts.

 So...the camping gear laid strewn everywhere yesterday as we repacked, refreshed and repaired all things from tents to the camp kitchen.  The hiking bags are refreshed and we are taking a deep breath this morning before the last camp.  And oh how glorious it will be!  So don't fret... we will be back with so much to share from beautiful Colorado... till then! 

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