Monday, July 16, 2012

Chicken Sitting

Let's just call him, "Carla's Boyfriend."

Bert- The Chicken formerly known as Bathilda.

Dan- the chicken formerly known as Diana.

I remember when I was exstatic last summer to chicken sit for my good friend, Carla.  This was before I had a flock of my own and I chicken egg envy.  Oh how I loved it when she would go out of town so I could watch over her flock and get to keep the eggs.  Now of course , I have a flock of my own.  Today my, "girlfriends" (I call my chickens the "girlfriends" if you didn't know that), laid 7 eggs and Carla's laid 9... 16 eggs... I blessed our good friend Amy with Carla's nine, but it is still fun to go to Carla's and check on her flock We love our little flock, but it turned out that two of our "girlfriends" actually ended up being "boyfriends."  "Boyfriends" are not a good idea in the suburbs.  Carla graciously accepted our "boyfriends" into her flock with the intention of one of them being the "main man" of the flock as Carla's "boyfriend," is a mean one (See first picture. Isn't he a stud... for a rooster? He doesn't have a name that I know of... Leave it to me to give each of my chickens a name.)  So in the mean time... those boys are in a sort of holding period... One of them will be the lucky Rooster to rule her flock.  The others... well...  Anyhow... so the chicken we thought was Bathilda... is actually Bert and the chicken we thought was Diana is now known as Dan.  We love to come visit them and often take them a scoop of bird seed or other treat to share with their new flock.  Bert and Dan are not fully grown yet like Carla's Boyfriend, but I am sure they will be studs too.
So that's what we are doing... Chicken Sitting and watering a large garden for her.   I need to find some egg recipes and bless some of our friends with more eggs after this week.

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