Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Apricots Overfloweth...

I have some really good friends.  Ones that are teaching me all the ropes in food preservation and suburban food foraging.  My friend, Amy, invited our family with theirs to harvest apricots at a friend of friend's mother's house (or some such connection).  She said it was a big tree.  What she should have said was it was a ginormous tree!  I think we only harvested about 1/3 or less of that trees bounty.  You could see the branches rise up once the weight of their fruit had been gleaned from them.  It was a simple evening of our children reaching as high as they could and the low spots the adults would rather not.  That tree had to have been at leat 30-40 years old and it was glorious and so laden with the small apricots.  My kids gorged on them and tucked in their pockets its seeds.   The are fantasizing at a tree of that epic proportions.  So tomorrow, they plan on planting those seed somewhere in the yard. and we will be pitting and stewing up apricots for Apricot nectar and perhaps some more apricot chutney.
Sometimes... the adventure in Colorado is in a friend of a friend's mother's backyard...
Where are your adventures taking you?

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