Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Bucket List # 9- Hike Castlewood Canyon State Park

(I had to use a red splotch to hide the face of a Scout that isn't mine.)  

Summer Bucket List # 9- Hike Castlewood Canyon State Park.

Saturday, June 16th, Daddy bailed me out when I inadvertantly double booked myself and helped take my Wolf Den to hike at Castlewood Canyon State Park.  They went to a few parts we hadn't been to before.
Mr. J (my Wolf Scout) says he liked being with his friends, looking back to see how far the car became and  the foundation of an old house.

All in all they had fun exploring nature and of course, climbing rocks.  I hear those boys were real troopers and Mr. A (my Boy Scout) said the hike was easy for him. 


  1. We love Castlewood Canyon, too. The hikes there are so different from one another.

  2. Yes... we need to go back and explore some of the other trails. We haven't done the cave one yet.