Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Bucket List # 10- Go Geocaching

I have delayed posting this bucket list item.  We have gone Geocaching several times and have had no luck in actually finding a cache.  Part of it is just bad luck and part of it was technical difficulties.  I pondered for awhile just getting a cell phone that has all the bells and whistles.  One where I could buy an app for it or just buying a geocaching/GPS device.  We opted for the later. I figured that this would be easier for the kids to take out on Scout events and not lose my phone.  That and I just can't decide on the phone anyhow. But that's boring to talk about... so on to the Geocaching. 

I decided to post on geocaching even without the find.  I figured that I didn't always want to post about the successes. Not everything we plan for goes the way we want it and that doesn't mean that your family time is ruined, nor does it mean that something great didn't come from it.

In the several excursions we took we have spent great times together.  Even though my kids are a little discouraged, they haven't given up.  Now that we figured out the technical problem with downloading sites to our device, we are ready to give it another try.  Soon... I will be happy to report a successful find and we are almost ready to put out our first cache which will feature a special First to Find Prize!

For information on Geocaching go to  There is also a geocaching merit badge that my son is working on as well in Boy Scouts. Happy Geocaching!

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