Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Bucket List # 11- Throw Paper Airplanes from a Really High Place.

 Sumer Bucket List # 11- Throw Paper Airplanes from a really high place!  Check!  We have these awesome friends (we'll call them the H. family)... and they have this great homesteading house out on the prairie, East of the Denver Metro Area.  It is three stories and they have this porch area on top of the roof.  Its hard to explain.  We may need to come back here with our telescope.  I was thankful she offered to do this with us as I wasn't sure we could find somewhere to do it without littering the ground below us. Not very scout-like would it?  I and I really don't want a ticket... at someone's house is another story...
11 kids launching paper airplans... ok... 10... she has a baby that certainly wasn't up there throwing off paper airplanes.  They had a blast!  The H family has this nice neighbor who brings home old display/ad posters that have a great weight to them and they love to make paper airplanes (among other things, I'm sure) out of them.  The wind wasn't too cooperative with us as many of them were nose divers and were stranded in various parts of their roof.  But the kids are already trying out new designs and wishing we had a good "launch pad" on top of our roof.
Thanks to the H. family for letting us use your "really high place!  My kids already have  bin that the are filling with paper airplanes for the next visit out to their homestead.

Gotta Take Off... Hope your summer is so very "not bummer!"

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