Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bucket List # 6- Take a Hike

 Mr. J... always in the rear.  He's one that stops and really studies things. He thinks so much and walks with his head down just like his daddy.  He can be highly motivated to get moving when he is promised to be the hiking/camp chef.  If it involves food, not just eating it, but preparing it, he pick up the pace. =)

 I loved how Mr. S and Mr. A were hiking buddies.  And can I just say that my big Boy Scout, Mr. A was leaving us in the dust.  He's gonna need it for the hiking he'll do in Boy Scouts.

 Looking out over the reservoir.  Cherry Creek Reservoir is nestled in the midst of the Denver Metro area.  If you don't look too far out into the horizon you really do feel like you have left the city.  You can camp there too.  Though I am a little too snobby to camp in the city!  I can camp in my back yard for free and for nearly $20 a night for camp tenting... I would rather pay that up at Rocky Mountain National Park.  But if your a newbie to camping... it would do well for you. Warm showers and vending machines an all.  It is our favorite swimming spot.  For the cost of a state parks pass... we can swim all summer long. Which a great deal for a family of 6.  Well any size really.  And we can go to any Colorado State Park with it.  Its been used twice in the last 2 weeks. 

Ah... the first hike of the summer.  We managed to do about a 2 mile hike.  I am certain that we would have done a bit more if we hadn't run into water.  Remind me not to take the family to Cherry Creek Reservoir to hike.  They have it firm in their mind that it is a place for swimming... only.  So we ventured to another side of the park (with some grumbling about swimming) to get the hiking on!  I don't think we even made it a mile before the trail dumped us on the bed of a slow moving stream and before I could say, "Leave No Trace..."  the shoes flew off and the kids were making their way into the water.  And for such a warm day thy were very happy to jump in!  I tried in my best way possible to help the to kids move to the swim beach.  Its a good thing that even though we weren't prepared for swimming, mom keeps a stash of clothes and snacks in the car.  Perfect for the impromptu swim, even if your a girl who had to squeeze into her little brother's clothes.  Yeah... the minivan is a little better stocked now.  Even mom needed some back ups in there! So we went in. Clothes and all.
The day was filled with sand, scat, flowers, weeds, and sea shells.  All of it "sprinkled" with a healthy dose of water!  Yes... we will be back to our favorite "swimming hole" all summer long.  Hopefully a little better prepared.

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