Monday, July 25, 2011

The Denver Botanic Gardens

I love rock art!

On Tuesday, the 19th of this Month (July). We went to the free day at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Surprisingly, we had never been there before in the nearly 13 years we have lived in Denver. It was very, very, very beautiful. It was also very, very, VERY hot. Hitting 96 degrees. I am amazed that we lasted three hours.
Lots of little nooks to explore.

Comfy places to sit and imagine a forest picnic.

Entering into a world unknown to us and full of possibilities.

I am only posting on of the plethora of signs Mr. J had to pose next to.

A beautiful sculpture that resonates with me entirely.

A place to dress up as your bug of choice. A lady bug.

A tree Ent. or flower
A bumble bee fairy. And then to put on a impromptu play.

Dive into a discovery bag with a little activity.

To stop and sketch an intriguing plant.

The groans from mom MAKING you sketch out a plant.

Peering into the world below the water.

Viewing and touching plants from far away, even hotter and humid places than here.

The large greenhouse that would be a joy to visit on a cold winters day and not on a blazing hot summer day. Perhaps a free day in January?

I loved the tomato cage, how it added color and style to their vegetable garden. Perhaps we can swing this in ours someday.

Viewing the plants up close, marveling at the water pooled in the center.

More stops to journal and work with colors.
Taking a close look at the world around in full bloom. Touchable, smellable and filling the whole senses.

Getting up close and personal with the water roots. The ability to touch and feel enhances the whole experience.

A forest nook that gave some relief from the hot sun.

Admiring the artwork.

Perhaps the only time in our lives to enjoy an Asian garden. Perhaps on a cooler day we won't mind sitting and taking it in a little more. Can you imagine living in those apartments in the top left of the photo below? The view would be wonderful. The traffic not so much.

I have decided that some statues in the backyard or front yard would be nice. Not in the budget but would be such a nice addition.

The kids wanted to take a pond sample for our microscope back home, but that would have entailed leaving the trail and crossing the ropes.

Daddy loves these flowers.

It seemed that everything was in FULL BLOOM that day. So full, so lush, so breathtaking. Unfortunately we were a little miserable in the hit that we kept moving on so that we could see it all, rather than savor it. Not sure if I would want a membership here or not though. It is pretty much a walk and look kind of place. Though it is hands on in that you can touch just about everything you see, but that kind of thing does get old to the kids.
A stop in the shade and dirt to feel, mold and smell.

Flowers adorned everywhere. I can imagine what a great place it would be to work at or volunteer for.
Overall the kids liked it, they would have enjoyed it far more had it not been uncomfortably hot. Especially for a four year old. I would love to return with David. He would so enjoy this. It is something we would love to do again, hopefully in more comfortable weather.

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