Monday, May 10, 2010

The Rock Climbing Rest Stop- Western Utah off of I-80

I think this has got to be my favorite rest stop so far along I-80 Heading West to CA. So at this point we are west of Salt Lake... not sure how far though. We stopped there and were treated by an unexpected hiking opportunity. And yet another stop on the Donner Reed Party trail. I don't think I took pictures at the other Donner-Reed Spots. Shame on me.

Back behind this sign is a trail leading up to some rock hills.

on the path up to the rocks we stopped to observe some fire ants scurrying around.

Tumbleweeds wer a great fascination and we even took a small one home to put on the nature table.

Ah..... the rocks. I don't think the kids have ever had a real opportunity to do some climbing on rocks. Usually we are at some State or National Park where that is bad form in the Leave No Trace (LNT) Ethics. But this place... while we did break the LNT Ethics was such a great opportunity to let them be kids who need to climb on real things and not just a playground.

I enjoyed seeing my Andrew who struggles with coordination feel free and he enjoyed the climb in addition to the 1/4 mile hike we took to get there. Perfect for getting out the wiggles after being int he car for awhile.

Watching them embrace the wind on their bodies and look out over the terrain was fun and invigorating for them.

Here is my attempt to actually get myself into the picture. The wind just felt so good. The sun was refreshing and the stop was very rejuvinating for all.

My biggest climber is Seth and he was just in heaven. I love looking at Jeremy in this picture looking out from above.

He is just my sweet boy. He kept asking me to come sit by him and "be his friend!"

Up some more!

Cassandra took the lead following the ridge of the rocks. She got tot he top and then admired her manicured nails at a good point, saying how the light reflected nicely off the glitter in her nails. Didn't I tell you before... that Cassie is so girly and pink... but can hike along and dig in the mud with her brothers all the while wearing a dress and pearls. She is a regular Cowgirl. Such a nice balance of girlhood.
Had to peek through this formation.

I-80 form our rock climb. Such a nice smooth path for vehicle to travel. While stopping at some pioneer sites, Donner Reed Party, Oregon Trail portions we were listening to Fire of the Covenant, By Gerald N. Lund on the Mormon Handcart Companies... we were riveted in pioneer time. The book chronicled the Martin-Willie Handcart Company. Both of which David has ancestors that were apart of. Hearing the circumstances in which they traveled. Lack of food, rough terrain and a late start in the year bringing them in contact with snow made us very thankful for our air conditioned/heated car with cushioned seats, a cooler and box stocked with food and plenty of opportunities to buy more along the way.
There you can see our white minivan with topper down below at the rest stop. Definitely a good stop. And all that climbing helped to get out the wiggles and Seth took a good nap afterwards while I drove.

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