Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Museum stop

I have been looking through my box of memorabilia from the trip and I can not find where this museum is. I know I saved stuff from it. I know it was in CA.

So basically it was a museum featuring the local history of the area. It had a lot on the construction of I-80 and the impact it had on the local area and economy. I used to be an avid baby wearer when my kids were little. Those days are now over... sniff... sniff, but I am thinking this papoose looks mighty uncomfortable though I think it would be good for the swaddling effect. Cassie wants to make one for her baby. We might need to search the web for a tutorial on building one of those. Or perhaps there is a kit. Hmmmmm.

Holding the skull of a Saber Tooth Tiger! The kids thought that was pretty Exciting.

Check out those Canines!

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